Z.E.N. Trio - Newcastle City Hall

When we commission a piece of music, we want it to last forever.

We seek out musical voices that are worth hearing. So Musica Viva Australia have amplified four leading voices of their generation: Australian composer Matt Laing and the soloistic talents of Z.E.N. Trio for this national tour.

Matt, a Musica Viva FutureMaker, writes music of great virtuosity and originality. He has been commissioned in celebration of a patron’s significant birthday, and will play to the strengths of Z.E.N. Trio – a remarkable ensemble who’ve already made their name through the BBC New Generation scheme, a Deutsche Grammophon recording and countless acclaimed concerts.

Put these voices together, and things will get exciting. They also have a lot to say, so we’re giving you two different programs, depending on your venue. Each program includes Arno Babajanian’s trio and the world premiere of Matt’s work. Elsewhere, you’ll either be resisting the urge to stamp your feet to a grand finale (Dvořák’s intoxicating ‘Dumky’), or imploding with intense passion of the heart (Brahms’s Romantic trio).

  • 290 King Street, Newcastle, 2300