WOW Sand n‘ Surf

The WOW Sand n‘ Surf (WOWSNS) is an awesome wellness program, thanks to the legends at Movember Foundation. While designed for men, these sessions are open to all genders interested in meeting new people, improving their mental fitness, and learning to surf.

It’s a free six-week surf therapy program designed to connect people from all walks of life using surfing and the ocean. People can make new friends, learn about wellbeing, and focus on being the best version of themselves, all while learning to surf!

Each week, wellness discussions are paired with learn to surf lessons.

The premise behind this program is to address the fact that everyone can struggle with ups and downs at times, and this is a way of chatting about wellness freely without judgement. It’s not specifically for people who are struggling, but more suited to the wider community to provide a healthy outlet for connection, the perfect way to start your day right.

  • Wharf Road, Newcastle, 2300