The Benriach and Glendronach Whisky Masterclass

Ruggedly beautiful, Benriach stands on the site of the old Riach farm in north Speyside, drawing water from a mineral-rich aquifer, deep beneath the distillery. Thanks to a long-standing tradition of distilling three styles of whisky; classic unpeated, Highland peated and triple distilled, together with an eclectic selection of casks from around the world, whisky makers are able to explore the full flavour possibilities of single malt, creating some of the richest, most multi-layered whiskies in Speyside.

The GlenDronach is a product of time-honoured traditions honed over many years. Thier hallmark is to marry robust Highland spirit with the finest oak sherry casks; an exquisite duality that brings exceptional depth and character to their whiskies.

Join in for an evening of tastings and pairings, presented by ambassador extraordinaire Andy Tsai.

  • 32 Church Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • All tickets - $120