The 19th Australian Deaf Games

The XIX Australian Deaf Games are to be held in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle from 16 – 23 April 2022. Lake Macquarie and Newcastle are proud and thrilled to host the 2022 Australian Deaf Games – a favourite event on the calendar of Australia’s Deaf Community and its Pacific neighbours.

The Australian Deaf Games is the pinnacle multi-sport event for Deaf people in Australia involving up to twenty (20) sports and attracting more than 1000 competitors and participants from all over Australia, some neighbouring Pacific nations and, potentially, one of two other overseas countries.

All athletes, most officials and the majority of visitors are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The Games gives Deaf and hard of hearing people an opportunity to be exposed to a national competition format that promotes the development of Deaf sport. It provides:

+ Opportunities for social and elite competition
+ Encouragement of sporting involvement and its benefits to long term health and well-being
+ An environment that promotes a positive lifestyle balanced with social outcomes and sporting opportunities
+ An effective selection process for individuals and teams to be selected to represent Australia at International Deaf events.

The essence of the Games is “Achieving Together”.

  • Various Locations, Newcastle, 2300