T#%ked Up Christmas at 48 Watt St

Are you ready for Christmas?! Well – Pasha Bulka and Timberlina are (they don’t even like Christmas, but who wants to do drag in the December heat). And they’re bringing you a Tucked Up Christmas!

To bring you a hell of a show, they’ve invited some of their friends to give them a hand! Friends like- it shouldn’t matter, Pasha Bulka and Timberlina will be on stage … they also haven’t RSVPed yet. Fingers crossed Chris Hemsworth received his invitation!

Get ready for an evening of games, music, drag, and most importantly, alcohol.

You can purchase tickets from where you usually do. All major credit cards accepted, Opal Travelcards not accepted as payment (they’re open to payment in Pavlova).

  • 48 Watt Steet, Newcastle
  • All tickets - $50