Sugar Valley Library Museum - kirantakamyari

Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari is a co-located museum and library in Cameron Park.

Sugar Valley Library Museum is the first of its kind in Lake Macquarie, showcasing the rich history of West Wallsend. Developed in conjunction with the West Wallsend District Heritage Group, the exhibition presents the story of the region through enticing and immersive experiences and objects portraying the life and times of this unique township.

The Museum contains interactive elements such as the Hunter's first virtual reality experience of an underground coal mine including oral histories from those who worked the site, historic objects from the West Wallsend and District Heritage Group’s collection and an engaging entertaining hands-on history experience. Younger visitors will also have the opportunity to get up close with history through the 'Play Museum' and the Discovery cabinets.

Join a Sugar Valley Library Museum guided tour, with museum volunteers to learn more about the inaugural exhibition 'Westy: We Built this History'.

  • 156 Portland Dr, Cameron Park, 2285