Stories Of Light

'Stories Of Light' is a photography exhibition and events program running at Watt Space Gallery Newcastle.

It is brought to you by the WHIP Collective (Women of The Hunter in Photography), in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, the Newcastle Writers Festival and with support from the City of Newcastle and This Is Not Art.

Devised around a sense of place, the personal, the familial and the inspirational, these diverse tales from visual artists are told through the medium of photography akin to the written words of authors.

WHIP is a collective of photographers from diverse backgrounds and photographic genres. They come together to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration, to create opportunities for collaboration and to promote photography as a multi-faceted artform.

The 25 participating photographers are: Kelly Barlin, Hilda Bezuidenhout, Karen Brown, Janice Cameron, Justine Cogan, Shana Dennis, Louise Faulkner, Penelope Green, Lotte Hilder, Lee Illfield, Tara Jones, Kate Kennedy, Melanie Muddle, Catharine Neilson, Brydie Piaf, Edwina Richards, Hannah Robinson, Dominique Ryan, Malvika Satelkar, Renae Saxby, Wednesday Sutherland,
Emma Warren, Clare Weeks, Katherine Williams, Liz O’Brien (1995-2022)