Sophie Seeger presents 'Contradictions'

'Contradictions' A new collection of abstract art by Sophie Seeger

Blackstone Gallery presents a new solo exhibition by Sophie Seeger showcasing a stunning and vivid collection of original abstract art created in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

'Working from home meant looking inwards, a time of self-reflection - and although in Newcastle we were lucky to be able to take walks, there was a feeling of being grey, of not knowing the future.'

This show presents two contrasting worlds, one filled with texture and uplifting colours presenting anticipation for spring and a world of colour and hope. The other contrasts with a grey mood that depicts solid shapes against the sky giving a feeling of uncertainty.

Join Blackstone Gallery for drinks to celebrate the launch of 'Contradictions' on Saturday, May 15th from 5 pm to 8 pm at Blackstone Gallery.

  • 470 Hunter Street, Newcastle, 2300