Printmaker Workshop 2 - Amanda Donohue

Amanda Donohue is a printmaker with twenty years’ experience having studied at Sydney College of the Arts and the College of Fine Art. She has a life-time love of fabrics.

In her workshops Amanda models her passion as she teaches linocut, etching, fabric printing and eco dyeing. She draws upon the many years of tradition behind these art forms while taking the time to create items which are hands on and tactile

In Amanda’s workshops students learn about the immediacy of linocut relief printing, block printing creating beauty on fabric and the amazing alchemy of etching.

Workshop 2 Reduction Printing
The focus for this workshop is reduction printing. Extend the knowledge of lino printing to create a multi coloured print using a single lino block. Not for the faint hearted.

This workshop may be taken as a one or part of a series of 4.

  • 110 Scott Street, 4, Newcastle, 2300
  • All tickets - $180