National Young Writers Festival

The National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF) is an annual gathering of young writers. A place to show work, share ideas, and learn. Their programs are free, made by and for young writers who create across stage, page, web and beyond.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they will be delivering a hybrid festival, with both in person and online events across the October long weekend. Showcasing young writers work from across Australia and New Zealand.

The festival presents ‘writing’ in its broadest sense through panels, discussions, workshops, launches, performances, readings, installations, and more. Our program combines practical skill-building sessions with social events, interactive projects, writing showcases and collaborations.


Saturday 01 October

THE INS AND OUTS OF PUBLISHING: (Affirm Press/New Annual/NYWF) Have you ever wanted to hear about the secret art that is publishing? Hear these artists chat together about their experiences in publishing.
YES, THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP: (Affirm Press/New Annual/ NYWF)Listen to our artists discuss the nuances of trauma-informed writing. How do writers engage with trauma safely and productively? How do we NOT trauma-dump?
Sunday 02 October

MIZZ CONGENIALITY: (UQP/New Annual/NYWF) Awards, accolades, titles, bestseller lists. How do we grapple with being the successful and fruitful artist without all that noise?
SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW: (UQP/New Annual/NYWF)Are you interested in Queer Ya? Listen to our writeres discuss everything from heartstoppers, the queer coming-of-age and how their writing explores sexuality in teen characters.
PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS: (New Annual/NYWF) Listen to writers discuss everything in regards to journaling. What’s the difference between a journal or a diary? How does journaling help their writing? This panel will discuss how writers can use journals to support their writing inspiration and craft for our Younger Younger Writers!

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