Mr Snotbottom Comedian For Kids Live @ Newcastle Fringe

It's the Prince of Putrid, the Willy Wonka of Weird, It's the hysterically disgusting Mr Snot bottom! Like a cross between Mr Bean and Shrek, Mr Snot bottom has sold out shows across the world with his icky, slimy, silly comedy for over 10 years.

Expect gross-tastic gags, tasteless tunes and just-wrong routines in a rollercoaster of ridiculousness perfect for weird kids 5 + and their even weirder parents!

Winner of a Best Children's Event Weekly Award at Perth Fringe and Gold Medal winner for 'Best Children's podcast 'Busy Bodies,' Mr Snotbottom will haver your whole family gasping, groaning and howling with delight!

  • 193 Brunker Road, Adamstown, 2289