Move Body & Mind Session

Suitable for participants of all levels. All adult movers welcome, from16 years. No movement experience is necessary, just a curiosity to explore and move.

Movement Coach - Helen Ilich.

Move Body & Mind sessions, connecting body, mind and wellness using a somatic, conceptual and creative approach to movement. Movement sessions offering group and solo embodied experientials to develop bodyfulness, through mindful attention during action. This program uses therapeutic principles, to facilitate giving physical shape and form to human thoughts, emotions and life experiences. Movers are invited to a safe, welcoming and positive movement space.

An enjoyable 90 minute format offering creative movement experientials for expressivity, social connection and reflection providing windows for insight and to strengthen self awareness. This format also presents opportunities for nurturing comfortable expression in a wider range of movement patterns supporting personal research and development.

  • 187 King Street, 2, Newcastle, 2300