Mitchell Coombs - Live at NewyFringe

Mitchell Coombs, known for chucking tantrums over his petty gripes, has begun to embrace a new era of comedy focusing on letting things go.

That’s not to say ranting has been banished, some small stuff is worth sweating.

Mitchell’s second stand-up comedy show, following the sold-out success of his debut show, Can Ya Stand It?!, which earned him the Best Newcomer award by The Comic’s Lounge during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Mitchell Coombs is an all-Aussie, digital creator who has amassed millions of views, as well as a loyal Podcast listenership from Is It Just Me? and formerly Trash Alley.

Mitchell explores the challenges of choosing your battles, leaving grudges in the past and finding humour in the darkest of places.

  • Bolton Street & Church Street, Newcastle, 2300