Kilo Sale Australia - Newcastle

Pick. Weigh. Buy. Australia's only vintage shopping event where you purchase by the kilo.

Kilo Sale offers a unique shopping experience where vintage clothing is sold by weight rather than individually priced items. Kilo Sale events are designed to promote sustainability by giving pre-loved clothing a second chance. Each sale features an impressive array of garments, totalling over 9000 kilos at any given time, spread across expansive racks exceeding 200 meters.

Shoppers can explore a diverse selection that includes everything from classic denim jackets to trendy sweatshirts and nostalgic jerseys. Prices are straightforward at $50 per kilo, with each item weighed individually regardless of type or brand, ensuring fairness and affordability for all attendees.

The atmosphere is lively and community-driven, attracting fashion enthusiasts, sustainability advocates, and bargain hunters alike. Whether seeking a vintage gem or simply enjoying the thrill of discovering unique pieces, attendees can expect a memorable and rewarding experience at these vibrant Kilo Sales in Australia.

  • 48 Watt Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • 03 August 2024
  • 04 August 2024
  • 04 August 2024
  • All tickets - $1 to $5