I AM WXMXN - A Variety Show

A resounding call that all at once shouts fiercely and whispers gently: what do we mean when we say “I am Woman”?

Mind. Body. Soul. This is an ode to what it means to embody the divine feminine in 2023; beyond gender, beyond shape, beyond socio-economic status, beyond race, beyond what society tells us it is. What it is to be a womxn, is to be power, gentle and strong, and to be the voice that calls for change.

We are mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Fathers. Sons. Brothers. PhD students. Hood rats. Home makers. Professionals. Polished. Hot messes. Cis-gender. Trans. Non-binary. Lovers. Leaders. Warriors. Childless. Wives. Friends. CEO’s. Rule breakers. Sex workers. DV survivors. Surpassers. The voices of change; of reason. Fighters. Protectors. Victims. We are flawed. We are imperfect and all at once everything we need to be.

We are who we are. We are you. And we are here.

Join the Vaudevixens, the troupe of performers led by Charlie Wan, as they bring their burlesque variety show to the stage to celebrate the divine feminine through an eclectic mix of dance, burlesque, comedy, drag and clowning, and more.

Auslan Interpreted

  • 375 Hunter Street, Newcastle, 2300