"GESTALT" by Ben Kenning

LEDA gallery is currently looking forward to reintroducing “BEN KENNING” to LEDA this month with his new collection of small and medium works titled “GESTALT”!

"In the simplest terms, Gestalt theory is based on the idea that the human mind will attempt to simplify and organize complex images or designs that consist of many elements, by subconsciously arranging the parts into an organized system that creates a whole, rather than just a series of disparate elements."

Ben Kenning is a painter and mixed media artist from Newcastle, Australia. He acquired an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at Newcastle Art School (2007), a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle, NSW (2011) and a Bachelor of Fine Art Honors from the University of Newcastle, NSW (2014).

Ben’s work primarily focuses on drawing, painting, and mixed media on canvas and paper. Although technical, his work is exceedingly intuitive and chance driven – it relies on a process of continual layering, creation and destruction, and works towards the resolution of an idea. His art is a vehicle for self-expression, granting him the freedom to be inquisitive, absorb his surroundings, and pursue his curiosities.

  • 850 Hunter Street, 2, Newcastle West, 2302