Full-day Beginners Beekeeping Workshop

This one-day beekeeping workshop in Newcastle will get you started on your journey to becoming a beekeeper!

In this beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn about bees and bee behaviour and find out what type of hive suits you. This is perfect if you already have a flow hive, or if you are still looking which hive is best for you.

You will learn the basic skills needed to care for your colony, plus take a look inside a working beehive. You'll also experience honey extraction and get to taste honey from different hives on the day! All tools you will need for the day are included so just bring your passion for our buzzing buddies.

You'll finish this workshop with a better understanding of bees and have the foundational skills to become a beekeeper!

  • 31 Church St, Mayfield, 2304
  • All tickets - $150 to $165