"FROM THE DUST" By Giorgia Bel and Britt Ferns

With flat compositions and framed, still subjects, the works of Britt Ferns and Giorgia Bel echo similarities. The parallels of their philosophies exist in the evocation of a minimal realism that speaks to memories, impressions and oral narrative. Hailing from Awabakal land, both Bel and Ferns are self-taught artists. With a commitment to their craft and a connection to the land, Bel and Ferns are drawn to the natural ochres and pigments that are native to the Australian earth.

Ferns’ palette echoes what she sees – vibrant colours, surfaces and textures are parallel to her signature flat planed, cubist subjects and stucco finish.

Bel’s palette and subjects hum a meditative silence of the bush and landscape of this Sunburnt Country. Her sombre palette and repetition of her subject echo a melancholia in her rhetoric.

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