Emerge | Haydn, Mozart & Mannheim (Newcastle)

Listen to classical music the way the composers wanted you to hear it at Emerge | Haydn, Mozart & Mannheim.

Established in 2013, the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra has already become a dynamic influence on the Australian music scene. A world-class orchestra of leading Australian musicians, we are dedicated to the performance of Classical and Romantic orchestral and chamber music repertoire in historically informed style on instruments from the time period the music was written.

Their final concert program for 2021, EMERGE features three of the best-loved pieces of music ever written: Mozart's Bassoon Concerto, KV191, and Symphony No.35 in D major ‘Haffner’, KV385, plus Haydn's Symphony No.103 in E-flat major ‘Drum Roll’.

Also featuring in this concert is a symphony by their contemporary Christian Cannabich, who is not well-known today but was a hugely important composer during his own lifetime.

  • 290 King Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • All tickets - $25 to $120