Brunchercize 70s Disco

Brunchercize is back in Newcastle in March for a chance to dance in the brunch hour! It's the dance you do before you brunch! This month it's 70s Disco!

Held once a month, Brunchercize is a relaxed chance to enjoy some dance-play. Each class you go on a journey, exploring a dance theme, genre or style. There is a warmup and cool down (because we love our bodies and we want to keep enjoying them safely for many years to come!). And in between you will experience some of the signature moves of that dance genre (and maybe even incorporate it into a little routine). This is your time to play with no expectations!

This March Brunchercize is going back to a time when the kings and queens of disco were strutting their stuff at Studio 54. When the Jackson Five, Boney M, Donna Summer and John Travolta ruled. That's right, we are going back to celebrate 70s disco!

What to wear? Whatever you feel comfortable in - you are welcome to dress up - this is your time to play!

What to bring? Yourselves, your friends, your drink bottle and a towel as we are going to sweat!

And naturally, there is a lucky door prize just to keep things spicy!

  • 152 Beaumont Street, Hamilton, 2303
  • All tickets - $20 to $40