Breast Cancer Trials Virtual Q&A: Breast Cancer Recurrence

The fear of breast cancer coming back is one of the most common issues faced by people diagnosed with breast cancer.

A breast cancer recurrence is where breast cancer comes back following treatment after a period of time when cancer couldn’t be detected. It may happen months or even years after the original breast cancer was treated.

Fortunately, Australia and New Zealand have some of the best survival rates of breast cancer in the world. In Australia, the five-year survival rate is 91 per cent and it's 88 per cent in New Zealand.

But despite recurrences usually occurring within five years after the initial treatment, the fear that cancer may return at any time in life is a very normal and common worry for most people.

In our latest Q&A event, moderated by TV presenter Annabel Crabb, our panel of experts will be discussing this important topic. The discussion will include the latest in research and clinical trials, personal experiences of breast cancer, living with the fear of recurrence and how to manage that fear, as well as what help is available.

Join us for this informative and free online Q&A.

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