Breast Cancer Trials Q&A: Let's Talk About Sex

A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating and completely life-changing affecting all aspects of a person’s life. One aspect that is often not discussed is the impact that a diagnosis and the treatments have on a person’s sex life, as well as research that is happening to improve the quality of life of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

From psychological impacts such as body image issues, to decreased libido, menopause and fertility issues, breast cancer can affect its patients in the most intimate ways.

Breast Cancer Trials wanted to bring the discussion out of the shadows, offering all members of the general public a chance to ask any question about the subject during a free Q&A session featuring some of the country’s top experts. This is also an opportunity to learn about new research.

Our expert panel includes:
Professor Fran Boyle
Medical Oncologist Dr Belinda Kiely
Breast cancer patient Rebecca Angus
Professor Kate White

The session will be moderated by the TV presenter, commentator and author, Annabel Crabb.

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This event is virtual due to COVID.

  • 175 Scott Street, Newcastle, 2300