Bits N’ Pieces Cabaret

Timber Productions Presents Bits N’ Pieces Cabaret.

They have taken the training wheels off and Pasha Bulka is here to host Bits N’ Pieces with an amazing heart-palpitating sweaty-palm-inducing supporting cast made up of the froth-worthy performers that are Orlando Gloom, Cockington Black & Many More entertaining you from the sidelines.

Enjoy a non-stop show, and you can bet your bottom dollar we mean non-stop! Never fear, you will given you a little intermission to catch your breath and fan yourself midway….and when we say little we mean little, cause we LOVE performing and can’t stop, won’t stop!

The show will leave you wanting more, more, more and then a little bit more – by more, we can’t be sure whether that you will mean you’ll want more alcohol, more laughter or more drag, but you’ll want more for sure!

Pasha Bulka will take you on a journey like no other, while the performers will leave you drooling…….or gagging with “joy” (either or both could apply, depending on what floats your boat).
In true cabaret style, the whole shebang will leave you confused, slightly aroused and most definitely happy.

Get your tickets now to this amazing experience!

  • 48 Watt Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • All tickets - $40