Bare Productions presents Bombshells at Newcastle's Royal Exchange Theatre

Bare Productions will proudly present Bombshells by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith at the Newcastle’s Royal Exchange Theatre in April 2021.
It seems a long time since Bare's successful 2019 production of The Sum of Us (2019 - CONDA Nominated for Best Production Comedy/Drama, CONDA Winner - Alan Glover - Best Actor in Drama/Comedy) at the REX. Annette Rowlison, founder of Bare Productions, was determined to stay afloat during the past 12 months of challenging Covid-19 restrictions. She succeeded in producing two overwhelmingly well-received shows at the Harp of Erin Theatre in Wollombi: Vital Signs in July 2020, followed in November by Bombshells. Annette is now looking forward to bringing a full-scale production of Bombshells to Newcastle.
Bombshells takes the form of a series of monologues about women on the edge: an aging cabaret singer at the end of her career, a nervous bride-to-be, an exhausted young mother, a widow with a yearning for the unexpected, a broken-hearted cactus lover, and a feisty teenage talent-quest competitor. Each piece is written with clarity and a keen sense of wit. Playwright Murray-Smith describes her characters as women who struggle 'sometimes hilariously, sometimes tragically, to bridge the chasm between the wilderness of their inner worlds and the demands of their outer worlds'. Murray-Smith describes Bombshells as ‘a play that delights in the passionate, miserable, hilarious wildness of women’.

  • 34 Bolton Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • Adult - $35