Australian Walking and Cycling Conference

Newcastle is hosting the 10th annual Australian Walking and Cycling Conference in 2020! It’s a fantastic opportunity to show off all that they have to offer in the way of healthier living, active transport and leadership towards a more activated urban environment. This year, they will be streaming the sessions to an online audience only, as travel restrictions and public health protocols have made a physical gathering unworkable.

The conference is of national significance as a key forum for advancing and promoting innovative research into cycling and walking. It is also Australia’s most affordable and inclusive conference in the field, attracting professionals from academia, government, private industry, community groups and individual interest, including transport planners, engineers, health policy developers, geographers, urban planners, sociologists and environmental and spatial scientists.

The conference promotes a transport mode shift towards walking and cycling, combined with improved public transport, in communities large and small. There is a strong message of safety and community confidence in active transport modes. This is The Australian forum for high-quality cycling and walking research, contributing to energetic and positive conversations around local, national and international issues.

  • 415 Hunter Street, Newcastle, 2300
  • All tickets - $50