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Journey with a local to explore the cultural and food scenes that have put Newcastle on the map. Visit cafe's the locals love and discover the community spirit behind of the city's journey of change. With three tours available choose to enjoy fabulous food, meet local artisans, wander laneways with colourful street art, find historic buildings and iconic beach vistas. Be careful, once you've experienced Newcastle you may not want to leave!

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Our food tours are a dining experience where each item on the menu is enjoyed in a different place. Each place is chosen for the specific qualities their cooking adds to the menu, their locations or their uniqueness. Guests experience a range of eateries in just a few hours. A stroll in between each course stretches the legs and is an opportunity to discover the city and source the wealth of information on the local food scene and city revitalisation that your guide, Neroli Foster, is passionate about. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you'll discover something new - new faces, new cafe's or a new Newcastle. For more information and to book visit our website.

Newcastle NSW, Australia


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