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Newcastle Walking Tour

Five self-guided walking tours have been created for you to enjoy and experience Newcastle.

They focus on Art, Convict and Industry, War in Newcastle, The Shoreline and Newcastle Architecture. Please click on the individual headings for further information on each of the walks;

The Artists' City Walking Tour

Newcastle has nurtured, supported and inspired generations of artists.

Explore the city through their eyes. Visit the galleries that have displayed and celebrated their work. View examples of the extraordinary public art that populates the Newcastle landscape.

Convict and Industry Walking Tour

Much of the modern Newcastle landscape has been shaped by the hands of convicts and industry.

Explore the city’s early years as a convict settlement. Visit remnants of the great industrial enterprises that once defined the city. Discover amazing engineering feats that allowed the city and its people to prosper.

Newcastle at War Walking Tour

Generations of Novocastrians experienced the impact of war on their lives and their city.

Explore Newcastle through the conflicts that have shaped its landscape and character. Meet locals that left Newcastle to participate in some of the most devastating wars in history. You’ll walk in their footsteps, and visit places dedicated to their memory.

The Shoreline Walking Tour

With its spectacular harbour and coastline, the Pacific Ocean has always played an important part in Novocastrian’s work and leisure.

Explore the city through its relationship with the shoreline. Visit places that once formed a crucial part of Newcastle’s working harbour and maritime culture. Enjoy the city’s spectacular coastline and discover places that Novocastrians have been visiting for generations to swim, relax and play.

Newcastle Architecture Walking Tour

The architecture of Newcastle is defined by a rich diversity of styles that reflect the city's prosperity and growth throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Explore buildings that have acted as cultural, political and economic icons for the people of Newcastle. Discover the works by architects not just of local, but national and international significance.


Free printed maps are available at the Newcastle Museum or the Visitor Information Centre located at the Maritime Centre both located in the Honeysuckle precinct.