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Experience and explore the wide open spaces along 15 km of boardwalks, cycleways and walking tracks.

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Phone: (02) 4964 9308

Escape the hustle and bustle of Newcastle and explore a little known world in the middle of the Hunter River.

• Explore the intertidal world of fish and crabs

• Birdwatch along saltmarsh and mudflats or in restored floodplain woodland and rainforest

• Walk or cycle on 15 km of road/cycleways/boardwalks and walking tracks

• Try your luck at various fishing spots

• Explore sustainable agriculture that helps improve the health of the river and its catchment

• Get involved by joining Kooragang volunteers - call to find out more

Experience and explore the wide open spaces along 15 km of boardwalks, cycleways and walking tracks. Stop for a picnic or fish by the river. Meander through floodplain forest listening for birds and frogs and spotting spiders and their webs. Family groups, cyclists, fishermen, birdwatchers, walking and other community groups come to get away from the hustle and bustle of life on the other side of Ash Island bridge and to explore the walking tracks and cycleways of City Farm and its surrounding wetlands.

The Kooragang Wetland Rehabilitation Project (KWRP) was launched in 1993 to protect, restore and create habitat for wildlife in the Hunter estuary. KWRP covers 1590 hectares on three sites in the Hunter River estuary next to a large urban area (Newcastle) in New South Wales. It is one of the largest active coastal rehabilitation projects in Australia. KWRP was also initiated to compensate for the loss of fish, shorebird habitat in the Hunter estuary caused by 200 years of draining, filling and clearing. The wetlands feature expanses of mangrove and saltmarsh, and in non-tidal areas, riparian woodlands, remnants of lowland floodplain rainforest and ephemeral, freshwater wetlands.

This is a place where habitat restoration and people go hand in hand! If you would like to learn more, please visit our website at Kooragang Wetlands.

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