Hometown Holiday Winners

Hometown Holiday Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the $500 Hometown Holidays vouchers.

There are over 70 local cafes, shops, hotels, bars and restaurants where vouchers can be redeemed and they're excited to welcome you!

All winners have been contacted via email. 

Winners Week 1 

R Brockbank
P Sklavos
T Kempe
D Campbell
LL Chin
L Sawyer
J Williams
A Yorke
K Dumbrill
S Cutts
K Bonsor
B Shakespeare
S Cronan
S Nagy-Warwick
K Cowen
L Hutchinson
A O’Connor
H Laney
R Harman
J Colquhoun
L Pickles
R Andrews
M McFarlane
L Hilton
L Moya

Winners Week 2

L Horner
J Bargwanna
L Walker
C Spraggon
S Mudford
F Logue
B Girlich
A Cant
K Perry
S Lynch
L Innes
J Hutton
M Sneesby
T Wolfenden
C Newell
C Wilson
D Cattley
R Mantle
A Day
S Shelley
A Wilk
A Brown
B Stenhouse
C Fitzgerald
K Pepperall

Winners Week 3

M Brewer
C Merifield
J Thompson
R Hassett
K Britten
J Ruse 
O Trethowan
O Cowie
R Brown
D Robertson
K Zena
T Fitzsimmons
A Lord
E Warren
C Boyce
S Bugbird
K McLeod
R Benney
L Anderson
L Drew
J Cause
P Hewitt
N Orr
K Stredder
J Nelson

Winners Week 4

S Popowicz
S Banerjee
S Ferguson
W Butler
C White
C Watkins
C Tremble
C Sansom
C Smith
E Lalic
G Laffan
H Cousin
L Harrison
K Girven
N Ratcliffe
C Madigan
K Shields
J Sandlant
K Murray
C Whitehill
L Pearce
J Serras
J Armstrong
M Mansfield
J Macmillan