Key Experiences

Key Experiences

Dive in

Wide stretches of blue water... the sound of waves crashing on the shore... the smell of salt air. The positive effect of water on cognitive function and emotional wellbeing is widely discussed. And you can get plenty of water views in the aquatic playground that is Newcastle.

The city centre is walking distance to multiple surf beaches, meaning your delegates can enjoy a scenic walk, surf or swim before your event, relish the fresh sea air between meetings, and take in spectacular views at night.

The 6km path that hugs the coastline from Nobbys Lighthouse to Merewether, with views towards Glenrock, is a must-do.

The walk is accessible from different points across the city and is a great opportunity to get your delegates out to stretch their legs and reset their minds.

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Early risers can enjoy morning laps at Merewether and Newcastle ocean baths.

Assemble the team for an early morning walk or test the team’s skills with group activities - surfing, stand up paddleboarding and learning to sail are all possibilities.

Local providers are ready to connect and develop unique team experiences to meet your objectives. With the coastline as your backdrop there’s opportunity to engage your team and even get a little competitive! 

Positioned next to the harbour, Honeysuckle is a thriving leisure and dining precinct. It’s here you’ll also find some of Newcastle’s larger social function spaces.

Whether you’d like to reward the team by whiling away the afternoon with delicious food and drink, or have a high-octane group experience, you’ll find something to suit.

Go natural

Newcastle has more than 362 parks and reserves in the local government area and in excess of 110,000 trees in the public domain!

They say exposure to nature can contribute to reducing stress, so perhaps that’s why the pace of life seems a little calmer in Newcastle, because you’re never too far from nature.

The city’s parks are within easy reach of meeting venues and are popular spaces to gather or relax.

Civic Park, near the Newcastle Art Gallery, is a favourite for city workers, while the grand Victorian-era King Edward Park, perched on the hillside overlooking the ocean, boasts stunning views and rolling green hills.

Drive 15 minutes out of town and you’ll find Blackbutt Reserve, as well as the Hunter Wetlands Centre, with both offering up-close-and-personal animal experiences in tranquil, natural environments.

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On the doorstep of the city is Glenrock State Conservation Area, housing the last surviving pocket of coastal rainforest in the region and home to several ancient Aboriginal sites.

Burwood Beach, one of the city’s most popular beaches, lies within the park’s boundaries, but there is much more here than sand and surf, with a host of walking and mountain biking trails, waterfalls and lookouts, as well as plenty of chances to spot the resident bird and wildlife populations.

Travel in time

With a rich history and proud heritage, Newcastle has a story to tell at every turn. You can be in a meeting one minute, then lost in tales of times gone by in another.

A quirky blend of new and old architecture and a rich indigenous history sit alongside several heritage attractions in Newcastle, making it one of the most intriguing destinations.

Fort Scratchley is a unique, nationally significant heritage site that boasts stunning panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding headlands.

Today, the Fort’s Historical Society preserves the military heritage, providing exhibitions and guided tours of the site and its intriguing tunnels. 

Housed in the historical Honeysuckle Railway Workshops is Newcastle Museum, which offers insight into significant moments of the city’s past, present and future.

A brief walk will have you taking in the vast collection at Newcastle Art Gallery - recognised as one of the finest public collections in Australia.

From IA to AI

From the industrial age to artificial intelligence - Without a doubt Newcastle is one of Australia’s most forward-thinking cities.

The multi-award-winning Smart City strategy is guiding Newcastle into the future, integrating technology, data, and creating a smart ecosystem.

In good company

Newcastle is the regional capital and hub for industry, education, business, tourism, technology, health, port and logistics.

The city attracts some world-class businesses, research and education facilities, including

  • The University of Newcastle
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • Hunter Medical Research Institute
  • Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources