What the locals don't want you to know about in Newcastle One thing you'll learn pretty quickly about Novocastrians is where a loyal bunch who stick together when the times get tough, we won't list them but there's been plenty. It will only take one conversation with a local to quickly understand that they love their city, and perhaps don't want every man and their dog moving in. However for the majority, they're quite happy to brag and perhaps offer some insider tips of what they like to when. 

1. The Bogey Hole 

One of Newcastle's best kept secrets, The Bogey Hole, is the perfect place to take a dip during the warmer months, especially if you want avoid the sand. Hidden down from King Edward Park, The Bogey Hole was originally cut into the ocean rocks from convict labour. 

2. Walk along the Bather's Way 

Newcastle runs along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, what only the locals may know is that you can actually walk from one beach to the other, also known as the Bather's Way walk. Forget your car, why not make a morning of it by starting at Merewether beach and walk all the way to Nobby's light house and back for a well-deserved coffee break at the end. 

3. The most impressive Craft Beer scene in the country. 

Over the past few years the craft beer scene of Newcastle has definitely evolved and become the norm in many local pubs and bars throughout town. With many being brewed locally, there are now plenty of venues to choose from to get your craft beer fix. Some of the favourite go-to venues include The Grain Store, Foghorn and The Hop Factory. 

4. Where to get the best coffee 

Often described as a mini Melbourne, you will find some of the best coffee in the country right here in Newcastle. With many cafes located on the main streets for all to see, it is some of the hidden gems that only the locals know about. Some of these coffee places include Welsh Black, Dark Horse and Ester C. Best yet their often found right near a park or a nice open space for you to sit, sip and enjoy that coffee flavor.