Newcastle may not have the nightlife scene that its big city counter parts offer, but having a city on a smaller scale is all a part of Newcastle's charm. Plenty has changed in the town in recent years and a much improved night life is coming together nicely. Some quality bar and night experiences have opened up with a bunch of smart operators seeing the need for some grown up evening venues. In addition to the bar scene there is still plenty to do at night in Newcastle, and this forever-expanding city will not leave you having the same experience twice! 

1. See a show at the Civic Theatre 

Newcastle's Civic Theatre is located in the heart of the CBD and was originally opened as a picture theatre in 1929. Today it is one of the most popular venues in Newcastle, hosting local, national and international shows of all varieties. 

2. Catch all the city lights along the Memorial Walk 

As part of the ANZAC's 100th year anniversary, the 450 meter long memorial walk was built in 2015. Located above Memorial Drive The Hill, it offers a perfect view over Newcastle, which is spectacular at night. 

3. Explore the small bar scene 

Over the last few years, small bars have emerged all throughout Newcastle. Whether you choose to bar hop across a few or settle into one for the night, you will always be assured a top quality cocktail and a great atmosphere. Bars such as Coal and Cedar, Koutetsu, The Basement, Bar Petite and 5 Sawyers are always busy with the locals. 

4. Hang out at Honeysuckle 

If you're not sure of what to eat or what to do with your night, meeting at Honeysuckle is a good area to start. There is always such a great, vibrant atmosphere with many restaurants and bars to choose from. Sitting along the picturesque harbour, you can enjoy a sit down dinner with family or indulge in a few cocktails or a bottle wine with friends.