The creative art scene of Newcastle is thriving and making a name for itself on a national level. It is what makes Newcastle unique and attractive to all those who visit.
Whether you are completely immersed into the creative scene or not, there is no denying the influence many creatives from all different backgrounds and specialties are having over this city.
There's a bunch of different ways you can experience it, from art galleries of all shapes and sizes, to markets and music venues that see local and international artists taking the stage.

There are endless art exhibitions and galleries to visit across Newcastle including The Lock Up, The Newcastle Art Gallery, Cooks Hill Galleries and also Street Art (it's just about knowing where to go). With local guides such as the Roaming Art Tours and Street Art Walking, you will be able to get an educated and productive look around some of Newcastle's best.

There are music gigs on every day of the week, both from locals and beyond. Regardless of your personal music taste, you are bound to find the perfect venue for you. The Cambridge, Lizottes and The Small Ballroom are some of the local favourites. For those who like a little more intimate The Grand Hotel has Jazz on every Tuesday night in the underground bar.

Explore and find some of Newcastle's hidden talents at local markets such as Hunt & Gather and the Olive Tree Markets. From handmade Jewelry, succulent pots, second hand clothes and delicious street food the Newcastle markets will have you wondering around for hours.

Compared to the bigger cities, Newcastle may not be your go to city to find bold and fashion-forward trends. However, there is an increasingly number of boutiques making a name of themselves throughout Newcastle. You can't go past popular boutiques such as The Lair, Scout, Abicus, Wolfe & Ordnance, Betty Mim, Guanabana and High Tea with Mrs Woo. Each offering their own unique collection, the styles are varied offers something for every taste.