1. Our Beautiful Beaches remain the highlight of our city There are so many people who are not from Newcastle, or who have never been, that underestimated our spectacular beaches. No bias, but we honestly have some of the best beaches in the world. They are all very accessible to the public, they are clean, and perfect for a photo op! Not only are our beaches good to look at but they also offer some of the best surfing breaks in the country. Cowrie Hole and Pogo's are two of the local favourites, with Merewether Beach packed with people during the annual Surfest competition. 

2. The Newcastle harbour is like a mini Melbourne Outsiders may think that our harbour, which is used for the coal ships, is simply just that. However, in reality it is so much more. While the coal ships act as a great backdrop against the Nobby's lighthouse in the background, the harbour portrays mini Melbourne vibes with its hustle and bustle of people along the Foreshore. There are always people out and about bike riding, walking their dogs, meeting family for coffee, or catching up with friends over a glass of wine. 

3. There is a huge art scene Music, art and all creatives are a huge part of what makes Newcastle what it is. Escaping from the crowds and competitive nature of the bigger cities, creatives represent Newcastle's eccentric and energetic atmosphere. Between the regular mix of markets each weekend, the many boutique style art galleries, street art and music venues, you are guaranteed to be inspired and find your creative niche. There's also plenty of opportunities to get involved with many of the local artists opening their studios classes and activities for all ages. 

4. A vibrant nightlife Ok, so we are no Sydney or Melbourne when it comes to our nightlife, but we also don't claim to be. People love Newcastle because it is the perfect mix of that city, country lifestyle. The relaxed and chilled out surfing culture is mixed at night with our endless bars, restaurants, pubs and event happenings. We have a great selection of small bars, which are ideal for a cocktail, or two, such as Coal and Cedar and Koutetsu. Restaurants and pubs are plentiful with anything between your classic pub schnitzels to delish Asian cuisine. And for those looking for a bit of a D-floor sesh, nightclubs such as the Cambridge and Argyle are always pumping with people. 

5. You will never get bored Don't be fooled by its size or population, there is always something happening here in Newcastle for people to do. There are an infinite number of coffee shops to try and you will never run out. During the warmer months explore our many beaches or throw on a wet suit and hit the waves if you're brave enough in winter. Explore Newcastle's surroundings such as the wineries at the Hunter Valley or go on a whale watch cruise at Port Stephens. Shop at the markets on the weekend; see a show at Civic Theatre or just spend some time lazing about in one of the many parkland areas that are dotted around the city.