Newcastle is Australia's biggest city after all the major ones and yet it is one of the most underrated and underestimated. If you're not familiar with the city or yet to explore it as a local if you spend some time here you'll learn to appreciate all the amazing things it has to offer. With such a great mix of city coupled with the laid-back beach culture, endless cafes, bars and art scene it makes for the perfect hot spot for outsiders to move. If you're considering escaping the hectic city pace here's a few more reasons that may just convince you a little more. 

1. Free parking at the beach 

All our picturesque beaches offer plenty of parking without having to worry about a 2-hour limit from the parking meter. It's one of life's great luxuries to hang out and relax by the beach, better yet when you can do it for free. 

2. Great creative/art scene 

Between the regular weekend markets, art galleries and music gigs there is always something happening for all creative types. With some dedicated locals bringing artists to the fore, the scene is only getting bigger and more diverse. 

3. Beautiful beaches like 

Bondi but less crowded Not only are the beaches amazing but also there is plenty of room to set up an umbrella without having to share the shade with the people next to you. 

4. A city vibe without the traffic 

Thankfully the hustle and bustle experienced throughout the cafes and bars does not equal hours waiting in traffic- no one has the patience for that here! 

5. Wine tasting is only 45mins away 

A wine tour or just a day out in the Hunter Valley exploring the hundreds of vine yards is literally only 45mins away from the Newcastle city. 

6. Once you're in town there are lots of restaurants, bars and cafes which are clustered together meaning you can bar hop without having to pay for a cab or worry about a deso driver 

Paying for a cab or organising a designated driver throughout the night can be costly or just plain annoying, and can often limit where you decide to go. Thankfully, Newcastle has lots of different restaurants, bars and cafes close together, which is ideal for a convenient walk between places. 

7. It's acceptable to walk around in your active wear regardless of what you are doing. 

As we are located along the coast everyone is very active, or at least they appear to be! 

8. If you don't have a dog all you have to do is walk down to the beach and there is hundreds for you to gush over. Literally, 'every man and his dog' is seen out walking along the beaches or Foreshore, especially over the weekends. But if you head down to Horseshoe beach (a beach specifically dedicated to dogs) there is 100% guarantee there will be at least one dog down there, we just can't be sure of it's cuteness level! 

9. No one appears to be in a rush, the chilled out surf culture is evident throughout all the coffee shops and cafes. Known for it's strong surfing culture, the people of Newcastle all portray a 'no hurry, relaxed' vibe all year round. We all seem to escape to the beach every chance we get, forgetting about all of life's other responsibilities. 

10. For the more adventurous types, activities such as whale watching and 4WDing along the sand dunes are only a hop, skip and a jump away. 

People travel up from Sydney and overseas to visit Port Stephens. However, living in Newcastle we have the advantage of turning it into a day a trip or a mini weekend vacay without having to take any extra time off work.