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In 2012 a question arose. Why is it that Newcastle does not have a spice store that makes its own blends daily and with no preservatives or bulk fillers like those found in Supermarket spice bottles? And an answer. Why not! So based on overseas experiences and other spice stores around the world and in Australia an idea was born that came to fruition in 2014 in the renewed Newcastle Mall. With the promise of aroma and good taste in store come and visit Newcastle's newest culinary retailer for a selection of spices, spice blends, baking ingredients, nuts, confectionery and socks - yes, socks! 300+ products available, scoop quantities 20g+! Come on down to My Souk Drawer which hopes to become your culinary destination of choice as the foremost spice blend retailer in the Hunter for years to come.

Hours: Varied open hours, check website

Phone: 02 4925 3540


For anyone who’s been there, the word souk (or souq) conjures up scenes of dusty alleyways spilling over with goods and provisions whose variety defies description. Wherever you are in town, the spice souk is easy to find thanks to its cloud of pungent scents. Herbs and spices define a country’s cuisine: Think of Italy, and you’ll imagine basil and oregano. China? Ginger will come to mind. Thailand must be lemon-grass; Mexico, the piquant chilli. For the Middle East, it would be sumac, and zaatar. My Souk Drawer is about creating a new and innovative retail space that captures all the senses. As a former winemaker I understand the importance of flavour and aroma, and as an enthusiastic amateur cook I understand the passion and pleasure that is personally derived, and unanimously appreciated, from creating and using spices as a culinary adventure. By careful and efficient blend creation and pricing, combined with the time saving it affords you in the kitchen, join me in my business and journey where you, my customer, is made to feel welcome and where there is more than one compelling reason to return. And don''t forget that My Souk Drawer not only offers fantastic and unique spice blends roasted & ground daily but also sells a quirky range of women's and men's socks as well! Well you would sell socks too wouldn't you if you are called My Souk Drawer?!

160 Hunter Street Newcastle


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