Tibetan Circle Dance (Gordo)

This is a Tibetan traditional dance, that all the people from the community joins to perform, it is also considered as an exercise for both mental and physical relaxation. And during the circle dance, people make new friends, networking and especially it is considered as a good environment for youngster to find their soul partners.

We are aiming to create an environment for the community of Newcastle with a healthy and happily place. Circle Dance is a very simple dance with few simple moves or steps that everybody can join without hesitation. We are also aiming to create a socially growing environment where people make more friends and networking opportunities.

This is nothing commercial. It is all about healthy exercise and social networking. The event will be held from 13 June 2020, Saturday 5pm to 6:30pm, (every second Saturdays) at Nobby's Beach.

(Depending on the Covid - 19 expansion risks, the starting date may extend, we will update if there is extension of starting date and timing)

  • Corner Shortland Esplanade and Nobbys Road
  • 13 June 2020