The House of Bernarda Alba

A modern adaptation by Rona Munro of the play by Federico Garcia Lorca

Following the gangland execution of her husband, a crime boss and father to four of her five adult daughters, the powerful, charismatic, Bernarda Alba (Bernie) will do anything to safeguard her family’s fortune, and the future of her daughters.

A deal is struck.....a marriage of convenience is set up between her eldest girl and the son of her business rival. All she has to do is ensure that the wedding happens, and as quickly as possible……however, five headstrong daughters cooped up in a penthouse apartment above a glamorous night club in an emotionally charged, toxic atmosphere of jealousy, rivalry and repressed sexuality, make that an epic challenge.

Set in Australia during a hot steamy summer, this adaptation has been electrifyingly transported to the money laundering world of crime ridden Melbourne....full of waspish black humour it is hard not to laugh right up to the climax of this 21st century family drama as it reaches it’s inevitable conclusion.

  • 90 De Vitre St
  • 28 August 2020 to 12 September 2020